Fisher survey on whelk populations for the Whelk Management Group


The Whelk Management Group invites fishermen to contribute to a survey to help UK science better understand whelk biology to inform better use of this valuable marine resource.

The aim of the questionnaire is to gather anecdotal information from commercial whelk fishermen around the UK on local variations in whelk populations. The research is being undertaken by the Whelk Management Group (WMG) and was developed by Heriot-Watt University, Bangor University, Seafish, Cefas, Defra, Daera, and the IOM government.

By gathering anecdotal information on whelk populations, the WMG science subgroup aims to better understand to what extent whelk populations vary across the UK. Gathering knowledge from fishers, who work with these animals every day, means that it will be possible to target biological sampling effort in the future to make sure that important populations are surveyed.

Access the questionnaire here