Where to buy UK Seafood

We are a fishing nation, yet most of the seafood consumed in the UK is imported and most of it caught by the UK fishing fleet is exported. We want to change that imbalance and get more people tasting the delights of the many species that are sustainably sourced right here on our nation’s doorstep.

A great place to start is the Discover Seafood website which lists businesses selling domestically sourced seafood to the public and helping our fishing communities thrive.

Hear about getting British fish to the market on the Fathom Podcast Backing British Fish

For inspiration on ‘easy to cook’ recipes on the ‘Magnificent Seven of Sustainable UK Seafood’ – crab, megrim, plaice, coley, mackerel, hake and gurnard, see Deck to Dinner

For more sustainable hake recipes prepared by Mitch Tonks, see the UK’s Most Sustainable Fish

Photo credit: Seafish

Last updated: 5/5/2021