Future of Inshore Fisheries: Did FOIF die?

The NFFO takes stock of what happened to the Future of Inshore Fisheries Initiative. Amid Covid and the general post-TCA gloom, many are wondering what happened to the Future of Inshore Fisheries initiative. The vivid flash of inspiration and optimism when fishers and managers got together, in October 2019, for the wildly successful FOIF conference seems like an eternity ago. Since then, we have been through the mill and there has been a disturbing silence about the follow up to the conference. The UK’s failure to secure an exclusive 12-mile limit seems like a nail in the coffin lid for the project.

NFFO calls for financial support

The NFFO has written urgently to fisheries ministers making the case for a further tranche of financial support under the Fisheries Response Fund

Shellfish Group Makes Progress Despite Covid-19

The Shellfish Industry Advisory Group established in November last year has made substantial progress, despite the crisis in the shellfish markets caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Next Steps on Inshore Fisheries: Future of Inshore Fisheries Report Published

The delayed report from the Conference on the Future of Inshore Fisheries has been published along with an outline of how the conference conclusions will be taken forward.

Impact of Coronavirus on Fishing

Dialogue has begun between the NFFO and the Government on how best to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the fishing industry over its duration.

New Shellfish Group Gets Under Way

The recently formed Shellfish Industry Advisory Group met recently in London for its second meeting to plan out its work programme. The new group is in Government seen as being at the cutting edge of co-management, where the fishers, fisheries managers and fisheries scientists work together to manage specific fisheries as partners.

Major Shellfish Policy Initiative Launched

Shellfish interests from across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands met recently in London to form a cross-industry working group. The intention is for the group to work collaboratively with fisheries scientists and government, to define a strategy which would deliver sustainable and profitable shellfisheries for the future. The group is focused on the pot fisheries for crab, lobster and whelk without losing sight of the wider fisheries management context.