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A day in the life

Chairman Tony Delahunty tells us about a typical day in the life of a British fisherman

Sustainable seafood

Barrie Deas talks about the importance of eating a variety of great British seafood.

The Catch: A review

Chief Executive Barrie Deas reviews Channel 4's new programme focusing on the trials and tribulations of those working in the fishing industry.

Spurdog: Out with the Bathwater

Assistant chief executive, Dale Rodmell, reports on why a different approach is needed to conserve protected species such as spurdog.

Fresh, Sustainable and Fair.

Ramus Seafood discusses its commitment to sustainability.

‘Productive, profitable and safe’

Huw Thomas describes Morrisons' seafood sustainability strategies.

PFDs Are Life Savers

Robert Greenwood, Safety Officer at the NFFO explains why wearing a PFD is vital.

Working Closely With Suppliers

The Head Chef at The Magpie Cafe discusses the benefits of an FSFL licence.

‘We are ecosystem scientists’

Skipper Alan Addison says fishermen should be listened to more by scientists.

‘Profitable and sustainable’

The Chief Executive of Seafish describes the role the organisation plays in the fishing industry.

Sustainable Fish Pie Recipe

This quick and easy recipe uses pollock, a great alternative to cod.


Tony Delahunty, Chairman of the NFFO writes about the idea behind the #CatchOfTheDay campaign.

‘Join an association’

John Butterwith, Fisheries Consultant to the NDFA explains the values of fishermen being members of an association.

Seafish – a vital service

Kirsten Milliken, Research Assistant at Seafish, the authority on Seafood in the UK, explains how its service is vital to the continuation of a sustainable industry.

In the public eye

Environment Correspondent at the Press Association, Emily Beament, discusses the increasing public awareness of the industry.

Does the size of a boat matter?

Don Thompson discusses whether small boat fishermen get the representation they deserve.

Anti-fishing, anti-science

Chief executive Barrie Deas, explains why Marine Protected Areas aren't the solution to managing fisheries.

The road to ‘recovery’

The Vice Chair of the NFFO South East committee explains how the industry is often wrongly accused of damaging the environment.

Matt Dawson hails fishermen

Ex-Rugby star and TV personality, Matt Dawson, kick-starts the blog with his entry, in which he praises the work of UK fishermen.

Fishermen need think about their product beyond the quayside

Michelin Star seafood chef, Mitch Tonks, explains how fishermen can work with chefs to make their product more profitable.

Let’s take control of our future

Newlyn skipper of the Crystal Sea (SH118), David Stevens, explains why the industry must take centre-stage in implementing the discard ban.

Fisherman and Chairman

NFFO Chairman, Tony Delahunty, introduces our new blog with his reflections from the south coast, upcoming challenges and heading up the Federation.

Identifying core fishing areas in marine planning

Dale Rodmell, assistant chief executive, looks at how the fishing industry are helping to plan for our seas.

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