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Seaspiracy: Seafish Response

Seafish have responded robustly to the claims made in the Netflix Seaspiracy film

Dogger Bank: Back to Remote Control

“Closed” rather than co-management characterises the government’s first post-Brexit steps to defining its approach to fisheries management after the Common Fisheries Policy. Dale Rodmell examines the current proposals for this iconic site and what it signals for stakeholder participation in fisheries.

Lawyers, Boulders and Money: A future in which fisheries policy is driven by vigilantes and litigation?

In an important and disturbing change, environmental NGOs have now apparently abandoned any pretence of working collaboratively with the fishing industry. With one or two honourable exceptions, most have embarked down the road of confrontation and litigation.

Labour disowns Greenpeace

Full credit to Shadow Fisheries Minister, Luke Pollard MP, for publicly disowning Greenpeace for dumping boulders to endanger fishing vessels in the vicinity of where a fishing vessel was recently lost in tragic circumstances. Mr Pollard denounced the Greenpeace action as “tone deaf.”

A Precautionary MPA Tale

Dale Rodmell argues that dismissing an evidence-based approach to Marine Protected Area planning in favour of precaution is misguided.

Voluntary Conservation Success Story

Dale Rodmell argues that criticisms of voluntary approaches to conservation in the marine environment are missing the point. A bigger more important issue is at stake.

Brexit, eNGOs & our Industry

Assistant chief executve, Dale Rodmell, reflects on Brexit, the disconnect between industry and the Common Fisheries Policy and the influence and role of environmental NGOs.

Sustainable seafood

Barrie Deas talks about the importance of eating a variety of great British seafood.

Spurdog: Out with the Bathwater

Assistant chief executive, Dale Rodmell, reports on why a different approach is needed to conserve protected species such as spurdog.

‘Profitable and sustainable’

The Chief Executive of Seafish describes the role the organisation plays in the fishing industry.