William Hocking (Downderry Bill)  1929 – 2020


We are very sad to hear that Bill Hocking, fisherman from Looe in Cornwall, has died. Mixed with our sadness, is appreciation for a life well lived as a fisherman, and as an energetic representative for fishermen in Looe, Cornwall and the South West.

Bill was a conservationist, who saw that selective gear and limiting fishing pressure to safe levels safeguarded the future and provided greater returns in the long run. “You have to let the young fish escape.”

He was a major figure on the NFFO’s Executive Committee and the NFFO South West Committee. One of his consistent arguments was that the UK’s quota shares under the EU Relative Stability formula were grossly unfair. It is sad that he didn’t get to see those shares amended before he died, although the UK’s departure from the EU represents a significant step in that direction.

Always a strong voice for fishermen working together for common purpose, he held positions as Chairman of Looe Fishermen’s Protection Society, and on the NFFO Executive Committee.

He remained an active fishermen well into his 80s. Here

The NFFO Executive Committee salute the passing of a good fishermen and good friend.