Safety Digests Are Lifesavers


NFFO Supports Marine Accident Investigation Branch’s Latest Safety Digest

Fishing remains one of the most dangerous professions in the UK, with fatal accidents in 2014 already jumping up 25 per cent on last year. The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) is urging fishermen and anyone who works at sea to minimise their risk of accident by reading the latest Safety Digest from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch’s (MAIB) and by signing up for future editions.

MAIB’s Safety Digests provide anonymous case studies on the latest marine accident investigations and share useful information on how to avoid repeating the same misfortunes as others.

The NFFO’s Safety and Training Officer, Robert Greenwood, wrote an introduction for the Fishing Vessel section and said: “One of the best learning mechanisms is reviewing previous mistakes and understating how to avoid them next time. However, such is the danger at sea that sometimes there isn’t a next time. We would urge anyone who takes safety at sea seriously to read these free digests and learn from the misfortune of others, rather than becoming doomed to repeat their mistakes.”

The Safety Digests have been published several times each year since 1990 and are separated into sections for merchant seafarers, fishermen and those operating small crafts.

Based on MAIB official reports, the digests are presented in a magazine format for easy reading and omit names and specifics to provide anonymity to those involved. Each case study includes a narrative of the incident followed by a checklist of learnings that other skippers and seafarers can learn from.

Mr Greenwood continued: “In the last ten years there have been almost 3,500 accidents in the fishing industry with 94 lives lost. Reading these digests just a couple of times a year can help you avoid unnecessarily making mistakes that, at best, could result in an expensive fishing vessel being wrecked, or worse, you and your crew failing to come home to your families. These digests really are lifesavers.”

Subscription to the digests is free and anyone can sign up to receive them either by email or through the post. Sign up today by emailing, call 023 8039 5500 or get in touch by post at Publications, MAIB, Mountbatten House, Grosvenor Square, Southampton, SO15 2JU.

You can also read the latest digest online here: Click Here