Mk3 FishSAFE unit now available


The latest version of the FishSAFE unit, the essential safety information tool for fishermen working near offshore oil and gas infrastructure in the UK Continental Shelf, is now available.

Mk3 includes major improvements such as a high resolution touch screen and
trackball option.

updates its internal hazards database automatically from the internet and there
is also an online messaging facility. The internet connection uses cable or
WiFi, including via mobile phones on tether.

enhancements, among others, will make it even easier for fishermen to obtain
and view the latest oil and gas related data. The feedback from skippers who
have trialled the new units has been very positive.

displays a map of relevant information showing what is on or above the seabed
and incorporates an audible and visual alarm, activated when a boat approaches
offshore infrastructure or a safety zone.

FishSAFE contains information on pipeline spans which, standing proud of the
seabed, create an even greater risk of the snagging of fishing gear.

The new
unit has been developed by FLTC Services, the operational part of FLTC, the
charity which promotes the distribution of vital data to fishermen. It is
available only to fishermen in the UK fleet.

purchase a unit, download and complete the purchase order form on the FishSAFE
website ( or alternatively, contact the SFF at