Formal Consultation – Celtic Sea Nephrops-directed fisheries technical measures


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is seeking views on proposals for new technical measures affecting Nephrops-directed fisheries in Celtic Sea UK waters.

Defra is seeking views about the following proposals:

  1. Limiting the selectivity device options to include only the most selective devices for Nephrops. These include the Seltra Panel and Sorting Grid, as per current gear options, as well as two new options under consideration; the Netgrid selectivity device and SepNep (both as legislated in the North Sea).
  2. Prohibiting the use and carriage of strengthening bags. This measure will be applied to otter trawl and bottom seine vessels in the Celtic Sea from 5 September 2021; we are proposing to extend this measure to Nephrops-directed fisheries later in the year.
  3. Increasing the catch composition threshold, which defines a Nephrops-directed fishery in the Celtic Sea, from 5% to either 15 or 30%.

For more information on the proposed changes and to share your views on the management of Nephrops-directed fisheries in UK waters of Celtic Sea, follow the link to the consultation survey on Citizen Space:

Alternatively, you can contact:

The consultation on UK Celtic Sea Nephrops-directed fisheries technical measures launched on Friday 16 July and closes on Friday 13 August.