Fisheries Deal 24th December 2020


The NFFO will be publishing its reaction shortly to the deal concluded in Brussels this afternoon. In the meantime, please find below, our bare bones understanding of the content of the fisheries section of the agreement.

Quota Shares

The UK’s quota shares will increase within a 25% envelope. The increases will be phased in over 5 years

  • Year 1 15%
  • Year 2 17.5%
  • Year 3 20%
  • Year 4 22.5%
  • Year 5 25%

The specific stocks for which will quota will be increased, and the % increase by stock have been agreed but the information is not yet available


In return, EU has full access to fish in UK waters during the adjustment period. There will be annual negotiations, but these will focus on setting TACs. This access includes grandfather rights for vessels who have a track record of fishing within the 6-12 nm limit. (At least one day in every year of reference period). At the end of the adjustment period, access will become a matter of annual negotiation. Access applies to all stocks including the main pelagic stocks. If access is denied after the end of the 5-year adjustment period, the EU holds the right to deny access to EU waters and to apply proportionate tariffs to UK fishery products.

Regulatory Autonomy

There will be regulatory autonomy. The UK will be able to develop its own fisheries management systems outside the CFP as long as the measures are non-discriminatory.