South West Regional Committee

The South West Committee represents fishermen in the South West of England and meets on a regular basis in Plymouth and Exeter.

The Committee played a pivotal role in hosting and facilitating a South West Industry Working Group to enable the wider industry to inform and speak with one voice in negotiating the location of potential Marine Conservation Zones under the Finding Sanctuary Project.

The Committee also actively engaged with Defra in its response to the South West MCZ proposals, and with Natural England on European Marine Sites.

Shellfish are important fisheries in the South West and members of the Committee play an important role in advancing and refining the Federation’s shellfish policy via its Shellfish Committee.

With the prospect of offshore wind farm, wave and tidal developments coming to the South West, the Committee has provided a focal point for engagement with the fishing industry towards ensuring that co-existence and displacement issues are effectively addressed in their planning.

The Committee has been influential in providing a platform for the non-sector and under-10m sector to ensure its needs are addressed in quota and licensing arrangements.

Brixham vessel skipper/owner, Steve Parker, chairs the Committee, supported by Vice Chairman, John Balls, vessel skipper/owner from Clovelly and Chairman of the North Devon Fishermen’s Association. Representatives of the Committee are highly active on the NFFO’s Executive Committee and in engaging on a regular basis with Defra, the MMO, Seafish and Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies.

  • Steve Parker

    South West Committee - Chairman