South East Regional Committee

The Federation’s South East Committee represents fishermen based in the Thames Estuary, Essex, Kent and Sussex.

In its reinvigorated form, the Committee has taken on a leading role in addressing the quota problems faced by some under-10m vessels in the region in a pragmatic, dogma-free, way. By breaking the industry out of an adversarial mindset which has delivered very little in recent years beyond rhetoric, the Committee aims to broker a new collaborative approach based on mutual respect and collaboration.

The designation of marine conservation zones and European Marine Sites in the area, leading to the potential displacement of inshore fishing activities is a matter of deep concern and major focus for the Committee’s work.

The Committee is actively involved in the process of setting TACs from fisheries science partnerships, calibrating ICES science through stakeholder engagement, the work of the regional advisory council, dialogue with Defra on UK priorities and attendance at the December Council of Ministers. At the same time, the importance of non-quota fisheries for some fishermen in the region is fully recognised and is an important part of the Committee’s focus, including seabass, red mullet etc.

Crab and lobster are also important for the Committee, and there is a high degree of cooperation with the Federation’s Shellfish Committee.

  • Tony Delahunty

    South East Committee - Chairman

  • Paul Gilson

    South East Committee - Vice Chairman