Safety and Training Committee

The NFFO Safety and Training Committee meets periodically to oversee the Federation’s input to the Fishing Industry Safety Group.

Safety and Training Committee

To advise, represent and follow the guidance of the NFFO executive and members on matters regarding the safety of Fishing vessels.


Chair: Nigel Blazeby

Andrew Locker – Locker Trawlers
Trevor Jones – Welsh Fisherman’s Association
Simon Bywater – East Anglia Committee


The Safety Committee will:

  • follow the strategic direction laid out by the NFFO Executive Board;
  • aim to achieve the outcomes identified by the NFFO Executive Board;
  • regularly report to the NFFO Executive Board
  • ensure that the spirit of the committee is in line with reducing deaths and injuries, fishermen taking more responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others, improving education and providing safer and more versatile fishing vessels, and
  • give direction and review the work of the NFFO Safety and Training officer.

Frequency of Meetings

It is the responsibility of the Safety Committee chair to manage the timings of the meetings in line with the allocated resources and timescales set out by the NFFO Executive Board.

  • Nigel Blazeby

    Chairman Safety and Training Committee