Cefas’ Edible Crab Health Survey


The Cefas Shellfish Team, on behalf of Defra, are currently investigating the health of edible crab populations around the English coast.

As part of this three-year project, Cefas have constructed a questionnaire to gather feedback which will help target sampling in the future. This questionnaire is targeted at skippers and vessel owners, and aims to provide an insight into edible crab stocks around the country. The knowledge and experience of CMG members would therefore be greatly valued, and in the interest of reaching as much of the fleet as possible, it would also be appreciated if members were able to share this survey with others within the crabbing fleet.

This questionnaire (linked below) takes 5-10 minutes to complete, and is entirely voluntary. Cefas have asked that if you do choose to respond, could you please complete the questionnaire by 31st March 2022. (NB. The questionnaire is not related to the Defra-led investigation into crustacean mortalities in the North-East).

Link to questionnaire:


The circulation of this questionnaire has been coordinated by Rosslyn McIntyre (Shellfish Scientist, Cefas), and she is happy for anyone to get in touch via email with further questions or comments (rosslyn.mcintyre@cefas.co.uk).