Fixed Quota Allocations and Sustainable Fishing

The NFFO’s members span all sizes of vessel and so must be scrupulously fair when it comes to the controversial issue of quota distribution, which has been raised as the Fisheries Bill passes through Parliament. This detailed paper argues that despite some flaws, Fixed Quota Allocations have played a central role in putting fishing in the UK on a sustainable basis. It also makes the point that the challenges currently facing the small-scale inshore fleets have little to do with the FQA system itself and cautions against abandoning a tried and tested approach.

EU Transition: Tactical Concession or Capitulation?

The NFFO assesses the recent developments in Brussels

Brexit Work

Whilst the Exit talks in Brussels judder forward, on both sides there is a great deal of activity taking place just below the surface. As might be expected, the NFFO is fully engaged in building the conditions for a positive outcome for the UK fishing industry. Our activities were reported to our AGM, on 11th October, where the UK Fisheries Minister also confirmed Defra’s commitment to a clear but smooth departure from the EU and therefore, legally and logically, the Common Fisheries Policy.

Brexit and the Australian Fisheries Management Authority

Intense behind-the-scenes work is continuing both in preparation for the exit negotiations and for the post-Brexit fisheries regime in the UK.

Fishing and Brexit

Fishing will be a sort of litmus test for Brexit. As the UK begins the process of leaving the EU, we have entered a period of extreme uncertainty. The outcome of the exit negotiations, and the kind of trade relations that the UK will have with Europe after it leaves, will be dependent on many complex factors, not least whether an agreement will be possible at all.

Minister Provides Brexit Assurances

In a letter received before the announcement of the General Election, Fisheries Minister, George Eustice, has sought to allay the NFFO’s concerns over the level of Government’s ambition for the fishing industry after the UK leaves the EU.

Brexit: Resetting the Fisheries Deal

The Common Fisheries Policy has been one of the least successful European policies. At its worst, the CFP became world-class exemplar of a glaring disconnect between regulator and regulated. At one time it was judged by the European Court of Auditors to be the single most unsuccessful European Policy, the cost of administration outstripping the value generated by landings.

Brexit offers ‘opportunity for radical change’ says UK fisheries minister

Brexit Takes Centre Stage at Fishing Industry Debate

Policy on Brexit

The NFFO Executive Committee met on 12th July 2016 to discuss the implications of Brexit.

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