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Can Fisheries Co-exist with Offshore Wind in the Race to Carbon Net Zero?

The Government’s Net Zero ambition signals a massive expansion in the scale and extent of offshore wind farms, but it also supercharges concerns over the spatial squeeze now being experienced by fishers who face losing access to their fishing grounds. NFFO Assistant Chief Executive, Dale Rodmell, who recently presented the issues to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fisheries(1), makes the case for the need for a planning system that can deliver on co-existence.

Co-existing in marine space

Dale Rodmell provides an insight into planning for co-existence between commercial fisheries and offshore wind farms.

Identifying core fishing areas in marine planning

Dale Rodmell, assistant chief executive, looks at how the fishing industry are helping to plan for our seas.

Constructive Meeting on Marine Spatial Planning

A constructive meeting with the representatives from the Marine Management Organisation was held in the NFFO offices recently to discuss the arrival of marine spatial planning and in particular, the first two draft marine plans.

Preparation for Marine Spatial Planning: Newcastle Conference

A formal system of marine spatial planning may still be some years down the road but when it arrives it will be of the utmost significance for all human activities at sea - including fishing - at least in EU waters.

Fisheries: The Missing Layer in Marine Planning

Under the Westminster Marine Bill and the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the government is legally committing itself to delivering a network of marine protected areas.